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Conversations on New Histories of Capitalism (CNHC) is a working group and webinar series hosted by the Department of History and Civilisation and the Department of Law at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

CNHC Newsletter

The CNHC working group extends across disciplines and evolves into the Capitalism Studies working group! We are very happy to announce that the CNHC working group will come back in 2023 with a new team composed of members of the departments of History, Law, Political and Social Sciences of the EUI. Stay tuned!

The CNHC series launched in 2020 brought together advanced scholars and early career researchers from around the world in a dialogue on the emerging field of the “New History of Capitalism.”

CNHC was conceived as an innovative way to engage scholars from around the world online during the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. The first season mapped “New Histories of Capitalism” as a dynamic field crossing disciplinary boundaries to examine capitalism as a social, cultural, political and economic system across early modern, modern and contemporary history.

The second season about “Intersectional Histories of Capitalism” presented theoretical and empirical work by scholars who have chosen an intersectional perspective on the history of capitalism, encouraging researchers to develop comprehensive analyses of how capitalism shaped the historical trajectories of political institutions, cultural imaginaries, economic conduct, identities and subjectivities.

In our mid-term lecture we speak with historian Claire Lemercier (CNRS/SciencesPo – CSO) and sociologist Pierre François (CNRS/SciencesPo – CSO) about the difficulties of (re)defining what the word “capitalism” means within and outside of academia.

The third season of Conversations on New Histories of Capitalism presented research on capitalism and international institutions to help us better understand their reciprocal development from the early modern period until the late twentieth century.


Discover short interviews with outstanding scholars in our new format CNHC Speed-Date Café.

Discover the podcasts of the first three seasons of Conversations on New Histories of Capitalism in our Podcasts section.