Conversations on New Histories of Capitalism (CNHC) is a webinar series hosted by the Department of History and Civilisation at the European University Institute in Florence and supported by the ERC-funded project ECOINT.

The series brings together advanced scholars and early career researchers from around the world in a dialogue on the emerging field of the “New History of Capitalism.”

CNHC was conceived as an innovative way to engage scholars from around the world online during the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. The first season mapped “New Histories of Capitalism” as a dynamic field crossing disciplinary boundaries to examine capitalism as a social, cultural, political and economic system across early modern, modern and contemporary history.


The CNHC Team is currently working on releasing our new format CNHC Speed-Date Café. Click here to learn more.

Discover the podcasts of the first season of Conversations on New Histories of Capitalism here.


The CNHC Team will be back soon for a fourth season of the Conversations on New Histories of Capitalism series.