Season 2 – Intersectional Histories of Capitalism

The second season of Conversations on New Histories of Capitalism debuted in October 2020 and presented theoretical and empirical work by scholars who have chosen an intersectional perspective on the history of capitalism, encouraging researchers to develop comprehensive analyses of how capitalism shaped the historical trajectories of political institutions, cultural imaginaries, economic conduct, identities and subjectivities.


Episode 1: Professor Ashley J. Bohrer

Chair: Dennis Koelling

In the first episode of our second season, we speak with philosopher and activist Ashley J. Bohrer (University of Notre Dame) about the concept of intersectionality. In her most recent book Marxism and Intersectionality. Race, Gender, Class and Sexuality under Contemporary Capitalism (Columbia University Press, 2020), she argues that it is only by considering all of the dimensions of race, gender, sexuality, and class within the structures of capitalism and imperialism that we can understand contemporary power relations.


Episode 2: Professor Ryan D. Crewe

Chair: Guus Wieman

In the second episode of our second season, we speak with historian Ryan Crewe (University of Colorado, Denver) about the role of the politics and economics of religion in the colonization of Latin America.


Episode 3: Professor Shennette Garrett-Scott

Chair: Lucile Boucher

In this final episode of season two, we speak with historian Shennette Garret-Scott (University of Mississippi). Her new book Banking on Freedom: Black Women in U.S. Finance Before the New Deal (Columbia University Press, 2019) explores the concept of “racial capitalism” and the role of African American communities in the structuration of capitalist societies in the United States.


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