Season 3 – Capitalism and International Institutions

The third season of Conversations on New Histories of Capitalism debuted in May 2021 and presented research on capitalism and international institutions to help us better understand their reciprocal development from the early modern period until the late twentieth century.


Episode 1: Professor Bas van Bavel

Chair: Guus Wieman

In the opening episode of season three, we speak with Professor Bas van Bavel (Utrecht University) about the historical relationship between capitalism and institutions, and their meaning for open societies. Explaining the rise of market economies and societies based on equal access as a cyclical process, this discussion explores the long-term interactions between the economy and institutions.


Episode 2: Dr. Giampaolo Conte

Chair: Giorgio Ennas

In this second episode Doctor Giampaolo Conte (Roma Tre University) is presenting research on the integration of the Ottoman empire into the nineteenth-century capitalist world economy. Starting from the Ottoman example, the discussion elaborates on the centrality of financial reforms for the building of the capitalist world order and emphasizes the importance of reforms for the historiography of capitalism.


Episode 3: Dr. Madeleine Dungy

Chair: Lucile Boucher

In this third episode we talk to Madeleine Dungy (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) about the shift from bilateral to multilateral trade rules in the twentieth century under the League of Nations. The episode reflects upon the gradual change of the international economic order and engages with the entangled history of capitalism and intergovernmental organizations.


Episode 4: Professor Eli Cook

Chair: Dennis Koelling

In this fourth episode we speak with Professor Eli Cook (University of Haifa) about the intellectual links between neoclassical economics and the emergence of a global neoliberal governance. Taking a closer look at the example of Kaldor-Hicks efficiency, we reflect upon the history of economic thought and the impact of economic ideas on a wide array of histories of capitalism.


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